The Atari Pages
Welcome to my small Atari web-site.
Here you will find photos and a list
of my collection as well as a
Sale/Trade list.

You can usually find me at ##Atari
on the Freenode IRC server &
AtariAge under the username

Eventually I hope to document
some of my Atari Mods here.

About Me

I grew up in the UK and received my first 800xl as a child. As a teen I
attended several Atari shows and had the pleasure of meeting Les
Ellingham, Derek Fern, Dean Garraghty and many other key Atari
In 1997 I moved to the USA bringing my small Atari collection with me. Since
then I have amassed a fairly sizeable inventory and have met a new group of
wonderfully supportive Atari Users.
I continue to enjoy the hobby and hope to do so for many more years.